i5 - Injected end of line kit

  • Description :
    Injected end of line kits are used when the pre-insulated pipes are left waiting for a future connection.

I5 injected end of line kits include:
  • A HDPE end sliding muff,
  • A heat-shrinkable sleeve,
  • PUR foam kit, 2 components, pre-dosed. The steel cap is included in our supply.

PDF - 654.8 kb

Installation Kit i5

From ND 300 and for some insulation thicknesses, the injected junction kits can be delivered as 1/2 or 1/3 kits.
  • Diameters: for main pipes from ND 20 to 1000 (other diameters on demand)
  • Compliance: Standard EN 489


PDF - 654.8 kb
Installation Kit i5
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PU130 Catalog
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PU130 Laying manual