Our environmental commitments

INPAL Energy sees the preservation of the environment as a vital factor for the company’s development.

In the wake of the Kyoto agreement, the new polyurethane foam we use does not contain any gases which may be harmful to the ozone layer and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

All components we use in manufacturing are strictly conform to the European standards and regulators in force with regard to the protection of the environment. The formulation of our foams allows us to obtain excellent insulatory properties and improved durability, which minimise costs and the frequency of renewal.

Polyurethane foam thermal insulation is the most effective insulation technique used to date. INPAL Energy’s expertise in this technology will contribute to improving the situation for future generations.

All our development, production and storage processes, as well as the transportation and installation of our products are assessed and developed with the constant aim of reducing their impact on the environment. This includes resource protection as well as gas and particle emissions and waste management.
The Quality Department is responsible for applying ISO 9001 and 14001 standards to all our processes.