District heating

INPAL Energie pre-insulated pipes were specifically designed for district heating networks. Adapted and continuously updated according to the most recent technologies to meet the operators’ energy and environmental requirements, POLYURETUB 130, TUCAL and ISOPAL pre-insulated tubes and accessories are suitable for high and low temperature networks.

INPAL Energie provides expertise and solutions adapted to the requirements of your district heating networks.

What is a district heating network ?

District heating networks consist of collective heat distribution systems, the heat being supplied as steam or hot water by one or more production plants. The fluid is transported by pre-insulated pipes (distribution network) serving the buildings equipped with delivery stations (steam / water exchange stations or sub-stations). The steam or hot water gives up its heat to the building facilities.

A district heating network operates in closed circuit. It therefore always consists of at least two pipes:
  • one to transport the heat transfer fluid to users,
  • the other to return the fluid to the production plants.

The district heating network therefore requires three basic components:
  • the heat sources to produce heat,
  • the distribution network,
  • the steam / water exchange stations or sub-stations in the buildings.

The distribution networks transport heat at different temperatures and pressures. They are classified into two categories:
  • Primary networks (long distance transport)
  • Secondary networks (distribution after exchange sub-station)

Depending on their category, they can transport water at:
  • very low temperature,
  • low temperature,
  • high temperature,
  • or as steam,
  • or superheated water.


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