• Description :
    TUCAL is a rigid system of pre-insulated pipes suitable for transporting most thermal and industrial fluids which have restricting operating conditions or which require additional safety procured by the dual envelope. The system consists of one or two inner pipes mounted on supports inside a steel sheath. When transporting hot fluids, the inner tube can be coated with insulating shells. The sheath has a PE coating.

Each part is prefabricated to measure according to your projects then delivered numbered with full information to ensure fast and easy positioning in the trench with no risk of error.

  • Field of use: Transport of fluids at high pressure and high temperature (superheated water, steam), utility or process fluids and hazardous and/or polluting fluids.
  • Applications: Industrial and special applications
  • Operating temperature: +600 °C continuous
  • Diameters: ND 15 to 500
  • Outer casing diameters: ND 150 to 1000
  • Compliance: Standards EN 10216-2, EN10217-1/2, EN10216-5, EN10217-7, DIN1626/2458, DIN30670.
  • Technical evaluation: CSTB N°14/10-1587

Each accessory is delivered with precise positioning instructions on the sheath:
  • part number
  • previous and next part numbers
  • top level indicator
  • strap positions to be used for unloading


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TUCAL leaflet