Specific applications

INPAL Energie works in a wide range of fields requiring the use of pre-insulated pipes network

Geothermal energy:

Geothermal energy is mainly used for district heating networks and for some industrial applications. Heat pumps remove the energy contained in underground water and transfer it to the premises to be heated.

Thermalism :

INPAL Energie pre-insulated pipes can be used to transport spring water to hot thermal water facilities requiring specific temperature, pH and properties (sour, sulphated, chlorinated, bicarbonated water, etc.). INPAL Energie can supply pipes adapted to the type of fluid to be transported (stainless steel, copper, steel, PE, etc.)

Solar thermal energy:

Pre-insulated pipes are increasingly used to distribute the hot water produced by solar thermal panels, to limit heat losses when transporting the heat transfer fluid.

Financial sector applications :

Transfer of funds in pre-insulated networks with built-in monitoring (anti-vandal) cables.

Water supply and sewerage networks :

Inpal Energy supplies pre-insulated pipes for water supply and sewerage networks to protect against the risks of freezing.

Production of artificial snow :

Use of pre-insulated pipes to transport water to artificial snow production facilities.


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