INDUSTRY - Antwerp - Belgium

A railway tunnel in the port area

A new underground railway line about 16 km long is being built in the port area of Antwerp (Belgium) to optimise the transit of goods. THV Locobouw was selected to execute the project. INPAL Energie was contacted at end 2009 to provide a solution for the transport of brine (calcium chloride) at -28°C over a distance of 4 km. To ensure fast installation time, as a replacement for a traditional assembly of welded pipes, unsuitable for tunnels, INPAL Energie proposed the supply of mechanical assembly collars.

INPAL pipes will only be used during the period of the work site, since the fluid they transport is intended exclusively to freeze the ground in order to excavate secondary galleries, between tunnel A and tunnel B. The tunnel excavation is scheduled to end in 2012. INPAL Energie supplied 4 kilometres of Polyuretub M pre-insulated pipes.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating conditions:
    Eau froide : -28°C – 10 Bar
    Brine: -28 °C – 10 bar
  • Supply: Polyuretub M - ND 200 - 6 m lengths
  • Main pipe : Welded black steel tube, length according to EN 10217-4 P265N
  • Grooved for assembly by mechanical collar
  • Insulation: Polyurethane foam, fire classification (M1) – Lambda < 0.030 W/(m x K).
  • Outer casing: Spiral galvanised steel Ø 400 mm (Insulation ++)

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