DISTRICT HEATING - EXPO’98 - Lisbon - Portugal

The last world exhibition of the 20th century

Started in March 1996, the Lisbon Universal Exhibition work site was completed in April 1998. The first European tri-generation plant initially served the 60 hectares covered by the exhibition. In 2010, it was extended to the 350 hectares site converted into an urban area designed to accommodate 25,000 inhabitants and 18,000 jobs. This plant develops a maximum power of 90 MW in air-conditioning and 44 MW in heating. 42 kilometres of Polyuretub 130 pre-insulated pipes were supplied to run between the plant and the 70 buildings erected on the site.
In 24 months, INPAL Energie delivered 192 lorries to supply the work site with the pipes and accessories that will be laid buried and in technical galleries. The concession company for the heating and cooling networks for a period of 25 years, Climaespaço, a subsidiary of Elyo, Climespace, GDF International and RAR Ambiente, operates the network.

Technical characteristics :
  • Operating conditions :
    Chilled water: 4 °C – 12 °C - max. 15 bar
    Hot water: 100 °C – 70 °C - max. 15 bar
  • Supply: Polyuretub 130 - ND 50 to 800 - 12 m lengths.
  • Main pipe: Welded black steel tube, length according to NFA 49142.
  • Insulation: Polyurethane foam – Lambda < 0.027 W/(m x K).
  • Outer casing : High-density polyethylene.
  • More than 3500 junction insulation kits.

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