District heating and cooling - Stratford - London

INPAL Energie designed, manufactured and supplied a network of more than 26 kilometers of Polyuretub 130 pre-insulated pipes, intended for the heating and air-conditioning of the London Olympic site. This ambitious work site, carried out on behalf of COFELY (GDF-Suez Group), the company responsible for the operation of the site’s future networks, started in 2008. Thanks to our expertise and the high performance of Polyuretub 130 pipes, we were able to propose a sustainable energy solution for these sports installations. Two tri-generation stations (production of heat, air-conditioning and electricity) fuelled with natural gas and biomass will supply our networks with low CO2-emission heating and air-conditioning energy. These two plants will produce about 86 MW for heating, 20 MW for air-conditioning and will cater for more than 75% of the site’s electricity requirements. In less than 12 months, INPAL Energy will have delivered more than 3,500 pre-insulated parts (pipes and accessories) in 150 lorries for this project.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating conditions:
    Hot water: 100 °C – 80 °C – max. 10 bar
    Chilled water: 8 °C – 2 °C – max. 16 bar
  • Supply: PU130- ND 32 to 700 - in 12 m lengths.
  • Main pipe: Welded black steel tube, length according to EN 10217.
  • Insulation: Polyurethane foam – Lambda < 0.027 W/(m x K).
  • Outer casing: High-density polyethylene.
    See other references

See other references