Heat distribution network for Ile Napoléon

Rixheim, a commuter town in the suburbs of Mulhouse, is undergoing radical changes. The Community of Communes of Île Napoléon decided to build a Geothermy / Biomass / Gas energy plant and heat distribution networks to supply the new Petit Prince urban development zone with energy.

The geothermal system combined with a wood-fired boiler provides 2 blocks of flats and 170 private houses with heat via 10 km of pipes. A major project for the next few years at Rixheim. Pre-insulated valves have been installed to allow future network extensions. The plant can supply 12 to 18 megawatts. Geothermal water at a temperature of 45 °C is pumped from the "Great Oolite" water table, at a depth of 700 m. This process has been successfully used over the last 10 years at Riehen in Switzerland. Geothermal energy combined with 60% biomass and 20% gas in case of very cold weather generates cost savings of 30%. Rixheim is therefore contributing to preserving the environment. Geothermy offers the advantages of no greenhouse gas, particulate or CO2 emissions. INPAL Energie supplied 10 kilometres of Polyuretub 130 pre-insulated pipes in less than 8 weeks.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating conditions:
    Hot water: 109 °C – 89 °C - max. 4 bar
  • Supply: Polyuretub 130 - ND 25 to 250 - 12 m lengths.
  • Heat transfer: Welded black steel tube, length according to EN 10217.
  • Insulation: Polyurethane foam – Lambda < 0.027 W/(m x K).
  • Sheath: High-density polyethylene.
  • Ball valve
  • Installation of a network monitoring system

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