Disctrict cooling - 22@ - Barcelone

Centralised air conditioning in the Poble Nou district

22@ was the first district of Barcelona to be equipped with centralised air conditioning.
  • A public service to companies covering up to 70% of demand in the district.
  • A project which generated 40% energy savings.

During the Forum of Cultures in 2004, the Besos air conditioning plant was created to supply the main buildings in this district. The possibility of extending the network then became possible. Districlima built the network after being awarded a public tender. This operation was carried while new companies were being set up in the area in order to adapt the supply to the demand. A second auxiliary station was then built in the Audiovisual Park and connected to that of the Forum already in operation. This second installation used the chimney of the former factory to link the future to the "Manchester Catalan" heritage.

Between 2005 and 2007, INPAL Energie supplied 16 kilometres of Polyuretub 130 pre-insulated pipes.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating conditions:
    Chilled water: 6 °C – 12 °C - max. 13 bar
    Hot water: 110 °C – 75 °C - max. 15 bar
  • Supply: Polyuretub 130 - ND 50 to 800 - 12 m lengths.
  • Main pipe: Welded black steel tube, length according to EN 10217.
  • Insulation: Polyurethane foam – Lambda < 0.027 W/(m x K).
  • Outer casing: High-density polyethylene.
  • Ball valve: ND 50 to 600.
  • Installation of a network monitoring system

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