CSTB Certified

As a « QB » product, our POLYURETUB 130 pipe has been certified by The CSTB Center it also means that our product is on the GREEN LIST for construction insurance. Pre-insulated pipe processes are classified as “non-standard techniques” by construction insurers, the inclusion of our product on the green list confers the same status as processes classified as “standard techniques”.

Our product POLYURETUB 130 is accredited by the CSTB as « QB certified » for INPAL’s production sites, in Creutzwald (France).

« QB » accreditation guarantees the compliance of:
  • The main pipe
  • The protective casing
  • The insulation
  • The pre-insulated pipe system
  • The jointing system
  • Training for personnel in fitting junctions
  • Technical assistance

You can check the validity of this certification directly on the CSTB site.

« QB » certification guarantees the compliance of construction products, related services and construction work to the technical specifications as set out in the certification standard. This label can be used alone or conjointly with other labels.


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Certificat QB