INPAL Energie technology can be used to insulate all types of heat transfer pipes (stainless steel, alloy steel, thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, cast iron) to meet the requirements of utility networks for the petroleum, parachemical, paper, pharmaceutical, horticultural and food industries, etc.

Oil and Gas:

  • Gas and biogas transport: utilisation de tubes en acier soudé ou étiré sans soudure.
  • Oil transport: in oil terminals (networks with electric trace heating for temperature control)
  • Transport by methane tanker: insulation of valves and loading/unloading pipes. (networks with steel pipes of special thicknesses and grades)

    Industry :

  • Special fluids : special gases, nitrogen, etc. Use of special steel pre-insulated pipes with an outer casing made from spiral galvanised steel POLYURETUB M for overhead pipes.
  • Process : Compressed air transport. Use of steel or stainless steel pre-insulated pipes to maintain the compressed air quality (pressure and volume) from the production site to the user site.
  • Agribusiness : Use of stainless steel, copper, sanitary PE ISOPAL pre-insulated pipes

Since pre-insulated pipes laid in overhead networks (technical gallery, gutter) require special measures, our design offices pay special attention to the pipe supports and UV radiation protection systems as well as to tube expansion.


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