IGEO: Network geolocalisation

In a context where buried network positioning accuracy has become a critical factor, INPAL Energie proposes an efficient network localisation system: IGEO.

The IGEO system consists of RFID (radiofrequency identification microchips) markers installed at strategic points of your pre-insulated network. These markers are attached by our teams using suitable accessories to ensure they stay in position after backfilling.

The programmable markers can record specific information such as installation data (marker geographic coordinates, tube diameter and depth), risk level, application type (district heating or cooling network), date of implementation and other important data about your network. The data is recorded via a GPS associated with a detector.

Once programmed in each marker, the information can be copied and stored on software such as Excel, Google Earth and Autocad, so that you can always localise your network with the best possible accuracy.

img117|left>Precise: use of RFID (radiofrequency identification microchips) technology.
Simple: unique markers are installed at various strategic points on your network.
Durable: reliable, robust system capable of withstanding extreme outdoor conditions.
Complete: the entire service is provided by INPAL Energie.


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IGEO Geolocalisation