The 2000s

The 2000s Energy challenges and internationalisation

In 2002, INPAL Industries became part of the SOLICE group. A second production site in Sens, located one hour from Paris, was acquired in 2005.

In the context of the ever-increasing cost of energy resources, the significant development of district cooling and heating in France and throughout the world, has allowed the company to enter into a phase of international development.

Since 2006, INPAL Energie has been developing its activities in the European markets such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

In 2009, INPAL Industries increased its production capacity and opened a new production plant in Creutzwald in the east of France, equipped with tools which meet the best performance and environmental standards. This period has been marked by a focus on innovation and the expansion of our product range.

In 2011, the INPAL sales network and engineering centre were grouped together under the entity INPAL Energie in order to display one single brand at European level and reiterate our commitment to energy savings.

The challenges posed by the energy crisis and the measures adopted by the French round table on the environment (Grenelle de l’environnement) to encourage the use of renewable energy sources to supply district heating networks, have opened up development opportunities for INPAL Energie which have boosted growth in both the French and the European markets.