• Description :
    POLYURETUB M pipes consist of a service pipe, usually made from black steel; the insulation is injected polyurethane foam and the outer casing is a spiral galvanised steel casing. Use of POLYURETUB M pipes will reduce the duration of your work site by allowing you to install factory-insulated pipes over straight sections. POLYURETUB M pipes can be combined with a mechanical assembly system such as quick fit couplings. Upon request, all components of the POLYURETUB M pipes product can be equipped with a leak detection system.

  • Field of use: Transport of cold or hot fluids in tunnels, technical galleries, terrace roofs, bridges, etc.
  • Applications: District heating, district cooling, industrial and special applications
  • Operating temperature: +140 °C continuous
  • Operating pressure: NP 25
  • Diameters: ND 20 to 600


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