Monitoring system - Copper wires (Nordic)


The Nordic monitoring system consists of copper alarm wires and currently represents a reliable and economical solution in terms of installation and operation. The alarm wires are robust and easy to install when assembling pre-insulated pipes. The maximum length is 7000 m in detection and 2500 m in fault localisation. Consequently, this is currently the most widely used system, much appreciated by the district heating companies.


A Nordic monitoring system includes:
  • Alarm wires in the insulation of pre-insulated pipes.
  • Components to connect the equipment.
  • Measurement equipment to monitor the system permanently.
  • A circuit diagram of the entire monitoring system.

The design and documentation on the path of the alarm wires in a specific monitoring system are therefore a key factor when using the monitoring system to locate faults. With a monitoring system, a fault is measured using the length of the alarm wire, irrespective of the system chosen:
  • System with reference point.
  • System with leak detection.
  • System with fault localisation.


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Monitoring system Copper wires