Straight branches

  • Description :
    Pre-insulated straight branches are used for network branches, treatment of air purge points, and draining (gravity or by suction). The tees are prefabricated in the factory, minimum branch diameter ND 20. The ends of main pipe are not insulated over a length of 150 mm. Welds on the HDPE sheath are made in the factory. Special branch lengths can be manufactured. Nordic or DELFIN alarm wires can be inserted into the insulation upon request. With the standard wall thicknesses proposed, our branches have a nominal pressure resistance of NP 16. Class NP 25 tees can be manufactured on special production run.

  • Operating temperature: max. +148 °C continuous
  • Operating pressure: NP 16
  • Diameters: ND 20 to 1000
  • Compliance: Standard EN 448


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