Single pipe expansion heads

  • Description :

Single pipe expansion heads are parts assembled on end of line to seal the system at its ends.

Unlike the fixed points, however, expansion heads do not block the inner pipe(s) mechanically but, on the contrary, allow axial displacement.

Expansion heads consist of:
  • stainless steel expansion bellows with
  • a flange welded on the casing, on one end,
  • and a flange welded on the inner tube, on the other end.

The expansion heads are made to measure depending on the temperatures, pressure of the annular space (vacuum pressure or atmospheric pressure) and displacements necessary of the inner pipe(s) with respect to the casing.
  • Field of use: Industrial and special applications
  • Operating temperature: +600 °C continuous
  • Service pipe diameters: ND 15 to 500
  • Outer casing diameters: ND 150 to 1000
  • Compliance: Standards EN 10216-2, EN10217-1/2, EN10216-5, EN10217-7, DIN1626/2458, DIN30670.
  • Technical evaluation: CSTB No. 14/10-1587


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