Placing under vacuum

  • Description :

Upon request, the annular space between the insulation and the TUCAL casing can be placed under vacuum. In this case, a vacuum of about 5 mbar is produced on site, using a vacuum pump via one of the duct vents.

For long networks, cut-off valves must be installed at intervals in order to place the casing under vacuum and isolate a section in case of leak and recreate the vacuum easily.

Similarly, but for special industrial processes, the TUCAL annular space can also be placed under inert atmosphere to guarantee the safe transport of a hazardous fluid.

Significant energy savings:
heat losses from the network when placing under vacuum are reduced by about 30 to 40% depending on the vacuum produced

Improved safety:

the slightest leak on the network reduces the vacuum; the system can easily be connected to an alarm to detect any vacuum fault.

A study specific to each network configuration is required.


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