Expansion pads

  • Descriptif :
    Expansion pads are used on bends and branches to absorb expansion movements. Pads allow the buried network to expand freely the first time it is put into service. The maximum expansion movement absorbed per pad layer is 30 mm. A maximum of 3 pad layers can be used per part.

Expansion pads are located on the HDPE sheath and fixed with a plastic film in order to avoid a consequent sand penetration between the sheath and the counter expansion pads.

It may be possible to add a polyester strapping system with strips.

To ensure a good retention, the plastic film, 10 cm wide, is set up in minimum three different locations by pad width. We advise a minimum of two rotations.
  • Diameters: ND 20 to 1000 (other diameters upon request)
  • Density: 100 kg/m3


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