• Description :

Bellows are made to measure depending on the pressure, temperature and expansion to be taken up. They consist of a stainless steel bellows inside a metal protective casing. The junction kits for the pipe comply with the same standard and have the same grade as the other accessories.

Standard models are designed for 1000 operating cycles.

Each part is delivered assembled on a straight pipe next to an anchor and supported by a guide to ensure perfect guiding and optimum axial operation.
  • Field of use: Industrial and special applications
  • Operating temperature: +600 °C continuous
  • Service pipe diameters: ND 15 to 500
  • Outer casing diameters: ND 150 to 1000
  • Compliance: Standards EN 10216-2, EN10217-1/2, EN10216-5, EN10217-7, DIN1626/2458, DIN30670.
  • Technical evaluation: CSTB No. 14/10-1587

Depending on the applicable regulations, X-ray inspections and pressure tests can be conducted on the welds on our compensators in the factory.


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