Single pipe closed fixed point

  • Description :

The single pipe closed fixed point performs two functions:
  • Blocking displacements of the inner pipe(s)
  • Sealing a section from the exterior: preventing ingress of humidity inside the insulation, preserving the vacuum if necessary. These fixed points will be installed at the ends of the networks or used to isolate a large network.

Fixed points in buried networks do not require a concrete structure. The inner pipes are blocked unlike the outer casing, which only has very slight displacements. The insulation is systematically designed so that the outer casing’s temperature does not exceed 50 °C and the resulting low expansion is limited by frictional sources in the ground.
  • Field of use: Industrial and special applications
  • Operating temperature: +600 °C continuous
  • Service pipe diameters: ND 15 to 500
  • Outer casing diameters: ND 150 to 1000
  • Compliance: Standards EN 10216-2, EN10217-1/2, EN10216-5, EN10217-7, DIN1626/2458, DIN30670.
  • Technical evaluation: CSTB No.14/10-1587


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