Half-shells for branches (Tees)

  • Description :

Subsequent insulation of ISOPAL tees is carried out with two prefabricated ISOPAL half-shells.

The ISOPAL half-shells are made from break-resistant glass fibre reinforced polyester.

The assembly supplied with the half-shells is composed of:
  • stainless steel hex head screws M6 x 35,
  • a butyl rubber sealing strip,
  • reduction rings if necessary,
  • a brass threaded valve with plug cap for the PUR foam filling opening
  • PUR foam kit, 2 components, pre-dosed.

  • If the purpose of the network allows (heating), pre-insulated steel tees can be proposed as an alternative. Technical features and installation instructions for ISOPAL accessories are provided in the ISOPAL catalogue.


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INPAL Presentation
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ISOPAL Catalogue