90° couplers - 6/10 bar

  • Description :

ISOPAL 90° couplers can either be screwed or crimped.

Crimped couplers are made from:
  • St 37.0 S, material No. 1.0254, according to DIN 2448,
  • dezincification-resistant brass CZ 132,
  • or red brass RG 7.

Threaded couplers are made from robust high-quality brass in compliance with DIN 8076.
Technical features and installation instructions for ISOPAL accessories are provided in the ISOPAL catalogue.

Since the minimum bending radius obtained, due to the pipe elasticity, is relatively small, there is generally no need to use prefabricated bends on the network. For heating connections, we recommend the use of POLYURETUB 130 pre-insulated steel bends.


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INPAL Presentation
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ISOPAL Catalogue